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The new age piano

Ficha técnica

Título: The new age piano
Autor: Antoni Tolmos

ISBN papel: 97884941564-2-7
ISBN ebook: 97884941564-3-4
PVP papel: 25,00 euros
PVP ebook:  15,00 euros


Antoni Tolmos is a catalan pianist and composer. He has a degree in piano, musical language and music theory. He is doctor in creativity and music improvisation. his music has been broadcasted in international radio and tv stations, where he has also offered live performances. he usually teaches piano improvisation and new technologies applied in music in different music schools and universities in spain, andorra, france, hungary, poland, czech republic, austria, denmark and england. He has released 9 cds, being the composer and interpreter of cristall (cd 1999), silencis (cd 2001), blanc (cd 2003), sons de ciutat (cd+dvd 2005), patio de luces (cd+dvd 2008), nit urbana (cd 2010), musicolors (dvd 2011), essència popular (cd 2011) and the new age piano album (CD 2013). His challenge is to continue using his music as source of happiness of those who enjoy listening to it.


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